"please come back spring"

It was such a beautiful spring day yesterday and Ferrit got a bit excited by the sun-a-shining and the birds-a-singing. She went for a little walk and came across a pink blossoming tree, she loved the contrast between the pink of the blossoms and the bright blue of the sky.

Spring made Ferrit very happy.

To make the day even more spring-like Ferrit dressed up in her pinkest dress and went her friends floral themed birthday party. There was prettiness everywhere, with flowers and lights and cupcakes and meringues.

There was also an amazing cake, lovingly handmade of three layers, the top was vanilla, middle chocolate mud cake, and the bottom red velvet cake, the roses on the top where homemade aswell, from a special icing made partly of melted marshmallows. Ferrit thought it was delicious!

Ferrit had a wonderful spring day yesterday but it was raining today and she wondered where spring had gone? She wished it would come back some time soon and make her happy again.