"watery colours"

Miss Ferrit was looking forward to her final watercolor class with the lovely Miss Dawn Tan tonight at Harvest Workroom where she was going to finish off her Coconut Mountains recipe painting.

Class photo of practice food packaging paintings from Dawns blog- handmadelove

Ferrit loved Dawn's quirky, crazy and fun foodie drawings and wanted to share a few of them with everyone.

For a big selection of Dawns work Ferrit suggested going for a browse through her

"flowers for foxes and a few other things"

Ferrit was happy to report that she had finally sent away a little parcel of goodies to the lovely Foxes online shoppe. She'd made a small bundle of single stem roses and bunches of daises, as well as some key, rose and cross necklaces. She hoped the postman was prompt enough so some of the stuff would be able to make an appearance at the amazing Auckland Art and Craft Fair this Saturday at the Aotea Centre in Auckland on the Foxes table. But if not they would be up for sale in the next week or so