"Skull Sweeties"

Ferrit was looking forward to the Kraftbomb Halloween Extravaganza tomorrow and she had made some more skull brooches and necklaces especially for the occasion.

It was sure to be a good day packed with craftyness of all sorts, delicious halloween themed treats and hopefully some crazy costumes.

"Lovely Distractions"

Ferrit was trying to concentrate on her uni work but whilst internet searching stumbled across these lovely things that she had to share

More delights at CeramicsCanFly

"On a Little Break"

Ferrit was sorry she hadn't been keeping in touch with all her friends lately, she had been busy dedicating all her spare time to her university work

She was going to be having a little break from crafting for about 2 weeks so she could finish off all her studies. Ferrit would be back in action just in time for Kraftbomb's Halloween Extravaganza on Sunday 31st October. She kept thinking about what Halloween treats she could make for the day and what costume she might wear.......

"Ferrit and her friend Mrs Foxes"

Ferrit was really excited to finally be part of Foxes Shop of Design and Wonderment. From its very beginnings Ferrit had her eye on this cute little online store and was so happy to be included in the line up with other crafty and creative types. She had a small collection of things in the store, some cameo brooches, heart necklaces and bow hairclips and would be adding more over time.

"Sunny Distractions"

Ferrit had a busy few weeks ahead of her, with finally finishing off all her University studies. She was trying to concentrate but couldn't help but be distracted by last weeks beautiful weather. All she could think about was the outdoors and picnicking in the summer sun and stumbled upon these goodies on Etsy

Reed Picnic baskett by Toino Abel

picinic manners card by the beautiful project

"Candy Floss Colours"

Ferrit had been enjoying making a new collection of candy floss coloured crafts and was going to be at Cassette Super Markets tomorrow with her treats and other bits and bobs of craftyness.

There was bound to be loads of vintage bargins, other handmade goodies, cupcakes, cheap delicious coffee and maybe even a free beer or two. Ferrit knew that meant it was sure to be a super day and hoped everyone would pop along and visit

Cassette Super Markets
Vulcan Lane
Saturday 2nd October

"A Little Holiday"

Ferrit was back from her little holiday away. Along her travels she spotted an abundance of blossoming trees everywhere she looked and wanted to share one of them with her friends.