Ferrit was a wee bit excited to be part of the very 1st Super Markets hosted by Cassette Nine on Vulcan Lane this Saturday from 12-5pm. This new style of market includes craft, art, zines, vintage, vinyl, food and music and Ferrit couldn't help but think this was an excellent combination that should not be missed.

Ferrit only had a couple of days left to craft up a storm and knew she had busy times ahead


Ferrit was happy to have created some newbies to add to her collection of crafts. She'd had a busy few weeks but managed to squeeze in some crafting time and make some new keys, rosaries and roses.


Ferrit just wanted to thank all those people who supported Ferrit at Kraftbomb yesterday and made it possible for her to make a donation to the R.S.A for Anzac Day


see more of what the R.S.A does here

one bow, two bow, three bow, four

Ferrit had been doing some drawings of things and printed off a set of bows. She made each one into a little soft treasure and wondered what she could do with all these wee bows..........?


Ferrit had noticed it was starting to get much colder outside and knew that winter was well on its way. She had also noticed all the daisies had disappeared from the grassy lawns, which made her sad. So Ferrit decided to hold onto the spirit of summer and make some daisies that would last all year round.

"yee cameo"

Ferrit's last couple of weeks had been very busy and she had finally finished making some of her cameo's. She made most of them into brooches and was thinking of making some into rosettes as well.

"oh cameo"

Ferrit had spent the morning screen printing and finally got around to printing some cameo silhouettes. Some of the sihouettes were taken from a book she had "The Magicians Newphew" by C.S Lewis and the others were from books and bobs from around her home.

She wanted to turn them into little brooches or soft jewels of some kind and Ferrit knew she had a lot of making ahead of her.

Happy Resting Times

Ferrit was looking forward to a relaxing weekend and wanted to wish everyone a happy easter break, she hoped it would be restful for all and filled with chocolatey treats