Happiness and Celebrations!

Ferrit had been so busy writing for her university assignments she had pretty much spent the last two weeks at the computer, typing and typing and typing. She had finally finished it all and was so happy! All her hard work was worth it because she was flying off to Melbourne tomorrow and would be able to relax for a week. She was looking forward to catching up with her friends there, fossicking through all the wonderful shops, browsing through galleries and artist spaces, eating, drinking and enjoying just general happy times.

Ferrit was going to be away for a week but would be back just in time to celebrate Kraftbomb's 2nd birthday on Sunday 29th.


Ferrit was looking forward to the Annual Auckland Zinefest at St Kevins Arcade tommorrow. It was sure to be an action packed day filled with awesome paper making and screen printing workshops, zine talks and stalls, and all for free! Ferrit thought to herself what better way to spend the day and suggested everyone pop on down to St Kevins Arcade and soak up the ziney goodness.


Ferrit was looking forward to another Cassette Nine Supermarket tomorrow, she had gathered together some secondhand, vintage and retro clothes, jewellery, bags and scarves to go with her handmade crafts and make her very own "Ferrit Boutique". It was going to be a super day and Ferrit thought everyone should fly on down to Vulcan Lane and have a little lookseey