Craft 'n' Romance

Ferrit knew she had a busy week ahead of her with lots of crafting to do. Valentines day was fast approaching and she was lucky enough to be doing a window display for the lovely Kay and her beautiful shop Salvage in Mt Eden.

Ferrit had been thinking about Valentines day and spotted some things from around her home that made her think of love and companionship.

How lovely

Ferrit had spent some her night browsing on the internet and stumbled across this cute little postcard by Heidi Burton

Ferrit was an old romantic at heart and this made her smile

A time in stitch

Ferrit had been looking through some of her new things that she had collected over Xmas time. One of her favourties was her knitted watch called "Watchy" which she brought off Esther from Toogle at the Xmas Kraftbomb.

....Oh how Ferrit loved her Watchy..........

A New Year

Ferrit had just arrived back from her holiday, she'd spent a couple of weeks staying at the beach, soaking up the fresh ocean air. She loved seeing her old friends and spending time with her family.

Ferrit wondered what the year would bring and hoped it would be plenty of craftyness

whilst fossicking