Romantic Acts of Cardboard

Ferrit had been tipped off a while ago about these romantic acts of cardboard and had finally got around to looking at them.

She loved the cardboard love

what a weekend!

Ferrit was just recovering from her wonderful crafty fair and market filled weekend. It was the very first Auckland Art and Craft Fair on Saturday and Ferrit was so happy to have been part of it. From when the doors opened at 11am till when they closed at 3pm there was a super stream of people flowing in and out. Ferrit liked the busy atmosphere and meeting all the lovely people throughout the day. Jess and Kylie had done an amazing job at organising it all and having support from Frankie Magazine, Base FM and Eco Store made the day that little bit more special. Ferrit was excited to find out the dates for the summer fair at the end of the year which were going to be announced soon.

before the doors opened........
...... and after the doors opened

Ferrit's table at the auckland art and craft fair

Ferrit also did Kraftbomb on Sunday and had a nice day, eating the delicious cupcakes made by City NZ cupcake Queen, in choc-cherry and choc mint. She was lucky to pick up an amazing crocheted, triple ruffle, neck piece from one of the other stall holders, which Ferrit has been wearing ever since. Ferrit also meet the lovely Tee from Nz Girl who brought a bunch of red roses and did a little write up about them at

Ferrit was enjoying her little bit of rest time after such an action packed weekend and she hoped everyone else weeks were a little bit relaxing too


Ferrit was back from her holiday in Wellington and had been trying to catch up on a bit of crafting. She had many-a-markets coming up and was busily trying to create new things for her stall. Ferrit was happy to have finished making up her new prints of hearts, skulls and anchors and they were all ready for the Cassette Super Markets tomorrow.

The weather wasn't looking too hopeful but Ferrit didn't mind because the Super Markets were inside and perfect for all weather conditions. She knew there would be warmth, music, vintage and cupcakes which made braving the rain all the more ok.

"leaving on a jet plane"

Ferrit was going on a little holiday tomorrow to Wellington to visit her friend Miss Lyell and some of her family. She was dreaming of flying and small planes and found these travel inspired cuties on etsy

The Sailor's Heart

Ferrit had been working on some new prints and wanted to give her friends a sneak peak at some of the new designs. She had been inspired by tattoos and the adventures of a romantic sailor.

Sending Sunshine

Ferrit was pleased to have finished making the bunch of roses and daisies that had been on her list of to do's for a while. She could finally send them over to her sister and her sisters friend in Australia. Ferrit hoped they both liked their little bunches of sunshine and that they brightened any rainy days ahead.

Birthday Fun

Ferrit had travelled up north to go to her little sisters birthday party and was glad she liked her custom made soft birthday cake that Karla from Geek Freeks had made. Ferrit had a fun day playing lots of party games like pass the parcel, musical chairs and smashing the pinata. She also got to eat lots of party treats like carmel corn, pineapple lumps, pizza and chocolate.