BOOM boom!

Ferrit attended her very first Kraftbomb and realised why the name suits it so well. It was definitely an explosion of crafty goodness, with lots of wondeful things, creative and friendly crafters and masses of people streeming in and out the doors.

Ferrit brought a few little things and did some trades with other crafters, she got an owesome octopus card from Polly in a Box, some cute little ceramic shapes from Porcelain Rove a lovely hand painted bunting cup from Lily's Make Believe, and bag of delicious chilli chocolate from the young salesman of the day

Her favourite part of Kraftbomb was the cute little kids selling treats like lemonade, sherbert and chocolate, great for an energy boost! Ferrit couldn't help but giggle when she heard one boy say........

"Sherbert for sale, only $1, Sherbert $1,.... or free if your over 30"



Ferrit had been wondering what to do with some old cardboard boxes she had lying around. She wanted to give the cardboard a new life and purpose so decided to make some cardboard roses, photo frames and mini frame brooches with it.

Ferrit pondered... what other things could she make out of cardboard?....

Let it Shine

Ferrit had been busily making new things for the upcoming Kraftbomb market. She'd been going crazy with all things shiny, especially some newly found gold thread.

Good Tea Times

Ferrit had another market adventure to Crafternoon Tea on the weekend. Miss Ferrit liked the old church building and the clusters of tables everywhere.

She meet some lovely people and soaked up all the creative craftyness that surrounded her.

Miss Ferrit also made some purchases and trades with some of her fellow crafters. She got one of the very first issues of extra curricular magazine made by Miss Ellie May, a rainbow typewriter print from Rodayo Busk, a cherry blossom hair clip by Luisa from Little Bird Designs, a wee birdie brooch from her friendly stall neighbour Kristen of Cheek Pinchy and a wonderful little bag of golden book confetti from R.W Scissors

She thought to herself..........what a good day she'd had

home sweet home

Ferrit went for a visit home to see her family and some friends, and thought it was the perfect opportunity to fossick some more stuff. She discovered lots of interesting things tucked away in old boxes at home, and also went for a scavenge in the local second hand shops.

She found.....

Ferrit's favourites were two pictures she got from one of the second hand shops

Ferrit's Day Out

Ferrit had her very first market adventure at the Love Handmade Craft Market in the weekend. It was a good day, and she meet some really nice people with some very crafty ideas.

Ferrit knew she had a busy few weeks ahead of her getting ready for the upcoming markets.

from the garden

Ferrit loved the roses in her garden so much she did some drawings of them and made them into a screen print. She decided to make them into a little soft flower bunch that would last for ages and never need watering.

all those loose threads

Ferrit made some more brooches and pendants but this time left all the loose threads attached. She liked the weird messy look and was going to make some more, she thought maybe next time some with different coloured cottons.


Ferrit discovered some old leopard print fabric that had been hiding away in one of her material bins. She had an idea........

............a family of leopard print dolls

Ferrit finished making some more soft brooches too


The other day Ferrit found some fluorescent yellow thread lurking in one of her drawers. She got a bit excited and made a series of soft jewellery pieces.

some brooches

and some necklaces

Ferrits favourites were the rosary pendant and the best friends brooches

busy times

The last few days had been really busy for Ferrit and she had made lots of new things. She made herself a little inspiration board of all her ideas for future crafting endeavors

Ferrit had done lots of drawings over the past few days which she made into some screenprints. She printed the drawings onto different fabrics she had rummaged from her material bins and made them into new pieces of soft jewellery and other objects

Ferrit hoped the next couple of days were going to be of the productive sort as she knew she had a lot to do and many crafty tasks to complete.