Extra...extra special

Ferrit was excited to see the newest issue of Extra Curricular Magazine which was coming out tomorrow. Extra Curricular is made by the lovely and very talented Miss Ellie May and Ferrit couldn't wait to get her little paws on her very own copy (each of which are personally numbered by Ellie herself). Ferrit felt privileged to be included in this issue and was looking forward to reading all about the other crafty types.

If anyone wanted to get their very own copy Ferrit suggested they pop over to the Extra Curricular blog and find out all the places that are stocking this special little magazine.


What a day a bombastic day Ferrit thought to herself upon thinking of the Kraftbomb that had just passed in the weekend

She was so happy to be accompanied by her lovely friend Tiara who had made some amazing aprons each with there very own little names like "miss maid" and "retro rampage".

Ferrit was pleased that City the Nz Cupcake Queen had returned with her delicious cupcakes and she just had to sample two of the most interesting flavours: Chocolate Peanut Butter and Mountain Dew. And what an experience it was! Ferrit had been told that the Mountain Dew one was a little bit like cupcake crack and she agreed. The flavour sensation was like a little fizzy explosion of sugary goodness.

Whilst wondering around Ferrit had the chance to chat with some of her fellow crafters and collect a few things along the way. She stumbled across an old school friend the lovely Gemma from Hunter Gatherer and had a nice little catch up. Ferrit was finally able to get her paws on one of the soft fairy bread toys from Karla of Geek Freeks. Ferrit choose the sad faced one because she thought there was something usually intriguing about a sad piece of fairy bread. She was lucky to get a cute little bunny finger puppet that City's Mum had knitted which came with a bonus chocolate egg inside. She also got some more of the interesting hair badges from Bronwyn of R.W Scissors and a romantic "take me here" map magnet from Olivia of Make Believe. Ferrit was very impressed by the talented Mr Freds cards with amazing drawings of New Zealand images, her favourite was the Auckland city scape.

Ferrit had a super time at Kraftbomb and wanted to thank all those people who supported her throughout the day and her wonderful friends that came visiting.

fabric love

Ferrit had finally come up with an idea of how to spread her fabric love and let others enjoy the wonders of fabric samples. She had just finished putting together little parcels of fabric pieces in an assortment of colours, patterns and textures.

Ferrit's parcels where made up of sample, recycled and secondhand fabrics that she had collected over time. Ferrit sorted the fabrics into themes and gave each of the parcels a name.

The fabric parcels were going to be at the next Kraftbomb and Ferrit hoped everyone would like them and be inspired to carry out their very own crafty projects.

Ferrit says: Thankyou

Ferrit just wanted to say a big thankyou to all those lovely people who had taken the time to write about her crafts in the past wee while. She suggested going for a little wonder through the sites to see what interesting things could be discovered

Code for Something

Nz Girl

New Zealand Design Blog

Nz Herald

Amber and Hilary

A little bit of matching

Ferrit had been experimenting with making some new crafty things. She finished making two sets of purses with matching bow hair clips.

what other new things could she make next she thought?.......................

Cider you say?

Ferrit was looking forward to First Thursdays tonight and just wanted to tell all her friends that if they wanted something to do this evening it was all go in St Kevins Arcade from 6-9pm

Also a little birdy had told Ferrit that there would be a complimentary Issac's Cider for those who got in quick to First Thursdays.

oh how wonderful.........