"Done and Dusted"

Ferrit had had a very busy few weeks leading up to all her Xmas markets and had finally finished all her crafting to do's. She would be having a little break between Christmas and New Year, but would be back in action January 2011.

Ferrit wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported her throughout the year and wish them all a safe and happy Christmas.

"Stampity Stamp Stamp"

Last week Ferrit made her very own hand carved lino stamp to put on her new paper bags for upcoming Christmas markets.

She also cut some scalloped edges on the bags just for a little finishing touch. Ferrit knew she had a busy week ahead of her, crafting up a storm of new things for the Christmas Auckland Art and Craft Fair this Saturday

"Come for a Wander"

It was only one more sleep until the First Thursdays relaunch and Ferrit was excited to be part of the St Kevins Arcade Craft Market run by the lovely Jessica from Foxes. There was going to be all sorts of interesting things to discover along Krd including artwork, live performances, music and crafts and she suggested everyone should come for a wander.