Ready for an Explosion?

Ferrit had been making, sorting and organising, trying to get all her stuff ready for the first Kraftbomb of the year.

Ferrit was certain it was going to be an explosion of crafty goodness and was looking forward to seeing what all the other crafters had been getting up to.

Grey Lynn Community Centre
11am - 2pm
28th February

That Craftyboard

Ferrit had spent her day making some new things for the upcoming Kraftbomb. She made two different sets of cardboard frame brooches,

One set was made with some beautiful images from an old C.S Lewis Book, The Magicians Newphew

And the other was a set of Ferrit portraits,

Ferrit was pleased with her efforts and liked making things with that craftyboard

Homely Treats

Ferrit had ventured up north to visit her family and was plesently surprised when she was given a few early birthday presents. Her little sister had specially chosen them for Ferrit from some secondhand shops. Ferrit's favourites were.............

the sweet little girl vase

and an interesting dried flower picture

Ferrit couldn't resist browsing in the hospice shop while she was there and bought herself a little treat
...........a set of cat portrait dishes

Now all Ferrit had to do was find the right spots around her house to put her new treasures

Best Friends Forever

Ferrit was high on Valentines spirits and kept thinking oh how she loved her Mr Valentine.............
He was her best friend

Be My Handmade Valentine

Valentines day was not far away and Ferrit had spent her Sunday afternoon setting up a themed window display at Salvage vintage textiles store.

Ferrit wanted all those romantics to know that if they were on the hunt for a special Valentines gift, whether for a husband, wife, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, secret crush or maybe even their cat, something a little different could be found at Salvage, 537 Mt Eden Rd.

Either half a dozen handmade red roses

or a single one......

Each of Ferrit's roses had been lovingly hand crafted and she hoped they would bring good Valentines fortunes to all.

Roses are Red

Ferrit had been making dozens of red roses for Valentines day and she was almost ready to set them up in the window at Salvage

She remembered the little poem from when she was little

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
and so are you

With Tattoos in Mind

Ferrit stumbled across the intriguing work of Cheri Lewis, and especially enjoyed the tattooed man and woman brooches.

...What a lovely couple she thought to herself