"Spring Kraftbomb"

It was going to be the first spring Kraftbomb of the year today and Ferrit had packed up all her crafts and was ready to head off. She hoped the weather stayed nice and sunny and the very first day of daylight saving was a good one.

Grey Lynn Community Centre
26th September

"More Sunlight Time"

It was daylight saving time this weekend and Ferrit was excited to put her clock forward on Sunday and gain some more sunlight hours. She loved daylight saving and being able to go for evening strolls, and have twilight dinner picnics. It signaled what she hoped would be the beginning of more warmth and sunshine in the air and fun times ahead.

"The Colour of Spring Blossoms"

Ferrit had been inspired by the different shades of pinks from the spring blossoms and decided to make some pretty pink things,

She made some pink striped bows, threaded pink cotton brooches, some hand coloured pink daisies, and some stitched fabric pictures with vintage floral fabric and gold foiling.

There was something about pink and the colour of spring blossoms that made Ferrit feel warm and fuzzy inside and she was looking forward to hunting out all her spring dresses for the coming months

"Golden Goodness"

Last week Ferrit learnt a special new printing technique using gold and silver foiling. She made some shiny prints and was a wee bit excited by the possibilities of the golden goodness

golden prints

the foiling up close

glimmering goods

mr shiny skull

"please come back spring"

It was such a beautiful spring day yesterday and Ferrit got a bit excited by the sun-a-shining and the birds-a-singing. She went for a little walk and came across a pink blossoming tree, she loved the contrast between the pink of the blossoms and the bright blue of the sky.

Spring made Ferrit very happy.

To make the day even more spring-like Ferrit dressed up in her pinkest dress and went her friends floral themed birthday party. There was prettiness everywhere, with flowers and lights and cupcakes and meringues.

There was also an amazing cake, lovingly handmade of three layers, the top was vanilla, middle chocolate mud cake, and the bottom red velvet cake, the roses on the top where homemade aswell, from a special icing made partly of melted marshmallows. Ferrit thought it was delicious!

Ferrit had a wonderful spring day yesterday but it was raining today and she wondered where spring had gone? She wished it would come back some time soon and make her happy again.

"Fathers Day Treats"

It was Fathers Day yesterday and Ferrit had baked some treats for her Dad. Some chocolate coconut macaroon mountains and she thought she'd share the delicious recipe with her friends

fresh out of the oven

the finished product

Chocolate Coconut Macaroon Mountains

1 1/2 cups of thread coconut
1 1/2 cups desiccated coconut
1/2 cup of crushed almonds
1/2 cup dried cranberries, chopped
1/2 can of sweetened condensed milk
125g dark chocolate drops/melts

Heat oven to 180 degrees.
Mix all ingredients together apart from chocolate.
Form into small compact mountains with hands
Place onto greased baking tray and cook for about 10mins, or golden brown on top
Allow to cool
Melt chocolate and dip each mountain in, coating the top
Leave for a while to set chocolate

"In Love with a Special City"

Ferrit was back from her holiday in Melbourne, she had only gone for a week but it was enough time to fall in love. There was so many interesting things to see and do there and Ferrit was inspired by all the wonders of Melbourne.

There was a long list of all the things she loved

delicious sweets, cakes and slices from bakeries around the city, like the Napoleon slice, cream filled pastry with jamy goodness and the difficulty in eating such a delight.

amazing old buildings

in contrast with the interesting architecture of the new buildings

tiny cafes spotted around

and their cute interiors

lots of little extra streets and hidden laneways

loads of vintage stores
crafty shops
inspiring art

waiting for trams and squashing in with strangers to get from A to B

beautiful sunsets

and blooming magnolias with knitted trunks and bicycle couples

Ferrit loved Melbourne and couldn't wait to go back there for another adventure one day