"In Love with a Special City"

Ferrit was back from her holiday in Melbourne, she had only gone for a week but it was enough time to fall in love. There was so many interesting things to see and do there and Ferrit was inspired by all the wonders of Melbourne.

There was a long list of all the things she loved

delicious sweets, cakes and slices from bakeries around the city, like the Napoleon slice, cream filled pastry with jamy goodness and the difficulty in eating such a delight.

amazing old buildings

in contrast with the interesting architecture of the new buildings

tiny cafes spotted around

and their cute interiors

lots of little extra streets and hidden laneways

loads of vintage stores
crafty shops
inspiring art

waiting for trams and squashing in with strangers to get from A to B

beautiful sunsets

and blooming magnolias with knitted trunks and bicycle couples

Ferrit loved Melbourne and couldn't wait to go back there for another adventure one day