BOOM boom!

Ferrit attended her very first Kraftbomb and realised why the name suits it so well. It was definitely an explosion of crafty goodness, with lots of wondeful things, creative and friendly crafters and masses of people streeming in and out the doors.

Ferrit brought a few little things and did some trades with other crafters, she got an owesome octopus card from Polly in a Box, some cute little ceramic shapes from Porcelain Rove a lovely hand painted bunting cup from Lily's Make Believe, and bag of delicious chilli chocolate from the young salesman of the day

Her favourite part of Kraftbomb was the cute little kids selling treats like lemonade, sherbert and chocolate, great for an energy boost! Ferrit couldn't help but giggle when she heard one boy say........

"Sherbert for sale, only $1, Sherbert $1,.... or free if your over 30"