"The Big Move"

Ferrit had some exciting but sad news to report. She had decided to cross the ditch and move to Melbourne to live. She was sad to be leaving all her friends, family and market buddies but was excited for a new adventure and crafting endeavors.

Ferrit had been packing for days trying to squeeze all her things into boxes and suitcases ready to be shipped over. She was taking all her crafting gears with her and would be continuing to make things when living in Melbourne. She was also looking at setting up an online store in the next month or so and would have news about this after she had settled.

Ferrit wanted to thank all the lovely people that supported and encouraged her throughout the last year and made it possible for her to continue doing what she loves. She hoped all her New Zealand buddies and market friends would keep in touch.

Goodbye lovely land of the long white cloud, see you again soon
xxx Ferrit