Market Treats

Ferrit had a super day at the Cassette Super Markets on Saturday, listening to music, sipping on beer and being surrounded by super people and super stuff. She was a little sad to not have been able to have a proper look around at all the goods but in her quick scavenging was lucky to have collected a few treats from the other stallholders.

Ferrit was pretty happy when she was given a hand made Super Markets bag which was perfect for carrying all her treasures in.

She had eyed up these little bones from the beginning and towards the end of the market finally got her paws on some, there were also some cool bone necklaces that she thought would be on her list for next time.

Then there was a cute hand drawn bird brooch that Ferrit thought was just a wee bit sweet and was made of some intriguing shrunken plastic

One of the two zines she had picked up which was about disastrous cake decorating and having cupcakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

And then there was the cool ceramic skull candle holder which she got as a gift for her Mr Ferrit

Ferrit thought the Super Markets had definitely lived up to their name and hoped next time she would have time to have good fossick through the racks of vintage wears that were on offer.